KeepWOL Facilitator Certification

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What is KeepWOL?

Keep Wondering Out Loud targets the building blocks of team performance and development.

KeepWOL fosters long - term connections through meaningful human interactions and creates a sustainable plan to improve team performance.

Who should consider becoming certified?

The best KeepWOL facilitators are outgoing, natural conversationalists, active listeners, great at asking questions, humorous, and committed to enabling authentic connections and fostering a sense of belonging. A KeepWOL Certification is great for:

  • Consultants
  • Instructors/Trainers 
  • Teachers
  • Coaches/Change Agents

What value does KeepWOL bring to you?

  • Detailed metrics reports to show clients quantitative results of your impact on their team
  • Streamlined action plans to accelerate your strategy planning
  • Automated resource suggestions to share with your clients, helping them reach their goals effectively

What do KeepWOL facilitators do? 

Certified facilitators host recurring guided immersive team experiences using KeepWOL's digital library of web-based conversation games. The games emphasize storytelling to elevate the human experience, provide contextual details, encourage understanding, and promote belonging. 

How is training performed?

Our workshops empower our facilitators to lead enterprise team games with confidence. 

  • Learning KeepWOL's 3Cs facilitation approach
  • Familiarization with Software
  • Using the KeepWOL facilitation/hosting approach in real-world situations
  • Enabling positive team-building and human connections using the KeepWOL approach
  • Tips & Tricks Guide
  • Access to Facilitator Resource Center
  • Certificate of completion with authorization to facilitate/host KeepWOL sessions at any organization

By providing KeepWOL facilitators with instructor-led training and a robust support system, we can ensure a consistent experience that provides the highest outcomes.

Upcoming Dates

Information Session

Join Ashley May, the Director of Training and Curriculum at KeepWOL to learn how becoming a KeepWOL Certified Facilitator can help you host cutting-edge team-building games, improve your client teams, and provide a new tool to capture more business and make extra cash.

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Facilitator Training Workshop

KeepWOL facilitators will participate in discussion-style workshops and lead guided practice sessions to prepare for live sessions.